I am Clara from Brazil, but living in Turkey for the past 5 years. I'm a dancer and I found in Capadocia a place for me, a chance to realise all my dreams. I grabbed that chance, glad I did! I think dance is a very powerful way of communication. Like music is movement also universal as it transpasses the barriers of language. I'm really really proud to be part of Global Home. If I had to summarize the film in one word I think I would say: Relevant.

That's what art should be, something that makes a difference and inspires people to think and talk differently.


I am Alice, an ecologist from Britain who moved to Palestine in 2006. Two years later I co-founded a farm based on permaculture principles, Bustan Qaraaqa. My passion in life is to research and implement ways in which people can not only stop destroying the environment with their lifestyles, but also how they can live in ways that actively enhance it.

I felt very privileged to be included in such an amazing line-up of protagonists in Global Home. It also really confirmed for me the reality that generous-spirited people exist everywhere who are willing to help each other out just for the sake of contributing and for the fun of the experience.


My name is Casey and I am one of the co-founders of CouchSurfing International. My belief is that if we create enough experiences through CouchSurfing, experiences that are exciting and fun and stimulate learning and growth, CouchSurfing will achieve its vision of creating a better world based on an appreciation and respect for diversity.

I really enjoyed being part of Global Home and getting to work with Eva and Koki. Eva is a true master and it has been great to watch her evolution over the course of making this film. Global Home really captures what is so important about our community: we are creating authentic connections between people around the world, that in turn are creating a more understanding global community.


My name is Mamatal and I am a Tuareg from Timbuktu region. The Tuareg are known to be the most hospitable people. Hospitality is part of us from the ancient beginning of our history. Actually I am in France where I did my diploma in Cultural Management. The power that moves me is to have the possibility to mix and create dialogue between differents cultures and also to help the tuareg young generation by giving them a chance for education.

When I saw Global Home at the Premiere in Berlin I felt honoured to be one of the protagonists. For me it is more than just a film, itís something like a code of life. We understand that we are all the same in this world. Our difference in this film reflect just our richness as humans.


I am Michiko. I was born in this big city Tokyo and love it very much to live with the animals aside of me. I am teaching wildlife to the next generation of young people and am introducing wild animals to them. Especially the ones hated by people. Even with a cockroach we have to live together.

I believe very much in the next generation, and do my best for them to respect life. It was a big pleasure to get to know Eva and be part of her beautiful film. She's like my German daughter now. I wish that her subtle and strong message she gives in Global Home will be spread.